The Certificate Program is coming!

The Child and Family Partner Certificate is preparing to GO LIVE in May 2018.  Stay tuned for information on the certificate program that will allow family partners, home visitors and family service coordinators to gain needed skills and credentials through online modules at their own pace!

2 thoughts on “The Certificate Program is coming!”

    1. Hi Candace,
      The CFP Credential is a 10-week online course for family advocates and home visitors who partner with families on family partnership plans in Head Start or other social service agencies. The course usually requires a commitment of about 5 hours per week, but is also flexible enough for participants to take over a longer period. Some participants have planned for a 20-week program from the beginning due to scheduling issues. We are happy to accommodate. Course content provides the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and maintain positive-goal oriented relationships with family partners. Participants learn about self-care, cultural responsiveness, community partners and connections, addiction, family assessment, communication, motivational interviewing, data-driven results and professional development. You may register here and you may find additional program information in the form of our frequently asked questions here.

      Please feel free to email if you have any additional questions:

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